Leanna Christman

Leanna Christman is a native from Fort Wayne, IN. She continues to reside as a homemaker, artist, portrait photographer, and homeschool drawing and photography instructor. Leanna was able to use her Bachelors degree in art education to teach middle school for four years. Once her daughter was born, she was given the opportunity to stay home and refocus on her art. With a new method, she became passionate about creating fine art through photography.


None of Leanna’s photographs are digitally altered. “I call my photos supernaturally natural.  I am in awe when I look into my viewfinder and see an array of colors, textures, and patterns that are not possible to see in the natural world; and yet, not only do I see it, I capture it to share with my viewers.  It is as if this is what the world really looks like.  This is what God created for us.  When our blinders are taken off, all we can see is the beauty of His love for us.” – Leanna