About Us


Excellence in Art and Custom Picture Framing

Northside Galleries first opened for business in 1998. Since then, we’ve become one of Fort Wayne’s most trusted providers of custom framing and fine art. We’re continually growing, too!

Quick Facts

  • We specialize in residential and corporate custom picture framing to fit any application, any budget.
  • We have the ability to frame almost anything imaginable! Friendly, personalized service is our hallmark.
  • Our knowledgeable and accommodating staff makes it fun for you to choose the framing or artwork you want!
  • Our gallery offers a wide range of original artworks, prints, posters, and more! There’s something extraordinary here for every budget, every taste.
  • Our prices are always competitive.
  • We represent the very best artists, including those that are well established and those who are up and coming: Indiana artists, many Fort Wayne artists, artists of national and international repute.
  • We apply the most advanced preservation methods and use museum-quality materials, assuring that your finished product will be protected for years to come.
  • With our framing and preservation skills, we can transform your loose photos, collections, memorabilia, souvenirs, diplomas, and artwork (children’s artwork, too!) into a presentation you’ll proudly display for a lifetime.
  • Our work is grounded by tradition, but we also keep abreast of the latest trends.
  • Need consultation? We’ll provide it at your location upon appointment.
  • We work closely and cordially with corporate and residential interior designers to coordinate our products and services with your décor.

About Charles (Charley) Shirmeyer – Founder and President


 Charley Shirmeyer has been involved in artistic and craft pursuits for the better part of his life – primarily as a musician and a carpenter. Academically, he holds college degrees in Civil and Architectural Engineering Technologies. It was during his school years that he began working as a carpenter with his dad and was on a path to one day take over his father’s business. Charley’s career took a decidedly different direction, though, when he started a local band, Rushville Whig. The band caught on regionally and did quite a bit of touring within a five-hour radius of Fort Wayne. Charley had a lot of downtime between these tours, and that’s when he took up picture framing. Framing, he says, pretty much fell into his lap at the right time. He was able to start Northside Galleries on a part-time basis until the full-time commitment was available. It’s his carpentry skills that have made him a top-notch framer. As Charley puts it, “Quality custom framing is precision work. It’s all about being detail oriented – and very, very precise! My staff and I are committed to this perfection in each project we take on!”